Convert the displaying of output to MVVM
[brainmess.git] / csrc /
2012-03-14  Michael WelchUpdate Makefile to make tapetests. Add tape_load to...
2012-03-14  Michael WelchStart unit tests for csrc
2012-02-25  Michael WelchCheck file exists and can be opened before continuing...
2012-02-25  Michael WelchCheck argument counter in main
2012-02-25  Michael WelchInclude stdlib.h in main module to avoid malloc error
2012-02-25  Michael WelchDelete garbage from main. Use GString to read in entire...
2012-02-25  Michael WelchCompleted a rough but working C source version of brainmess
2012-02-25  Michael WelchStart C version. Create tape module