Convert the displaying of output to MVVM
[brainmess.git] / haskell /
2012-03-01  Michael WelchAdd blank line at end of a haskell run
2012-02-29  Michael WelchMake testStream take a string and then test InputStream
2012-02-28  Michael WelchContinue work on IO
2012-02-27  Michael WelchAdded some test code for generating a stream of input
2012-02-27  Michael WelchAdded Makefile for haskell
2012-02-27  Michael WelchAdd input/output tests for execute
2012-02-26  Michael WelchAdd blank line at end of a haskell run
2012-02-25  Michael WelchPlaying around with displaying tape
2012-02-21  Michael WelchMerge remote-tracking branch 'originssh/master'
2012-02-21  Michael WelchRevert back to derived show for Tape
2012-02-20  Michael WelchAdd documenation to jumpable
2012-02-20  Michael WelchRenamed Prog to Jumpable
2012-02-20  Michael WelchUse guard conditions on '[' and ']' rather than conditional
2012-02-20  Michael WelchRefactor execute out of Program module
2012-02-20  Michael WelchRewrote tape tests with HUnit
2012-02-20  Michael WelchAdd haddock documentation to tape
2012-02-19  Michael WelchAdd show method for Tape and check index on createTape
2012-02-19  Michael WelchSimplify tape module and control exports
2012-02-19  Michael WelchAdd some documentation to program and control exports
2012-02-19  Michael WelchConvert Program to use Seq Char
2012-02-19  Michael WelchConvert from using [Int] to Seq Int for the tape.
2012-02-19  Michael WelchInitial working version of Haskell Brainmess.
2012-02-18  Michael WelchHaskell version compiles, but doesn't work.
2012-02-18  Michael WelchTrivial test change
2012-02-18  Michael WelchStash away some minor changes
2011-07-15  Michael WelchInitial files for brainmess in Haskell
2011-06-27  Michael WelchInitial files for brainmess in Haskell