2012-02-16  Michael WelchAdd custom dictionary so code analysis doesn't complain...
2012-02-16  Michael WelchGet 100% code coverage on Interpreter (lost it in a...
2012-02-16  Michael WelchMisc
2012-02-16  Michael WelchAdd default constructor to fix Microsoft Code Analysis...
2012-02-16  Michael WelchFix typo in TestAndJumpForward
2012-02-16  Michael WelchCleanup
2012-02-16  Michael WelchDocument IProgramStream
2012-02-16  Michael WelchDocument Instruciton
2012-02-16  Michael WelchFinish 100% code coverage with unit tests.
2012-02-16  Michael WelchContinue to refine unit tests.
2012-02-16  Michael WelchRefine proof
2012-02-16  Michael WelchAdd Moq dll
2012-02-15  Michael WelchUpdate ProgramStream to use extension method.
2012-02-15  Michael WelchUpdate ProgramStream to use extension method.
2012-02-15  Michael WelchRename Brackets to String and make FindMatch an extensi...
2012-02-15  Michael WelchFix documentation of Tape and change some names.
2012-02-15  Michael WelchAdd definition of matching brackets to proof.
2012-02-15  Michael WelchAdd LoadState and GetState to Tape and remove Wrap
2012-02-15  Michael WelchChange Tape.Zeros to Tape.Default
2012-02-15  Michael WelchAdd a note to Brackets.cs code
2012-02-15  Michael WelchDelete garbage file: UnitTest1.cs
2012-02-15  Michael WelchAdd XML documentation to LinkedListNOde
2012-02-15  Michael WelchDelete NUnitTests project
2012-02-14  Michael WelchCreate MSTest tests. Fix some code
2012-02-14  Michael WelchMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/brainmessHaskell...
2012-02-14  Michael WelchExtract out logic out of Tape and ProgramStream
2012-02-13  Michael WelchMerge branch 'refactoring'
2012-02-13  Michael WelchMerge refactoring into master
2012-02-13  Michael WelchUpdate code formatting options in solution settings.
2012-02-13  Michael WelchRemove IExecutionContext from BrainmessCore.csproj
2012-02-13  Michael WelchUpdate .gitignore to ignore vim temp files.
2012-02-13  Michael WelchEdit proof document for clarity and consistency.
2012-02-13  Michael WelchRemove IExecutionContext concept
2012-02-13  Michael WelchAdd test files to .gitignore
2012-02-12  Michael WelchAdd proof document
2012-02-12  Michael WelchCreate execution context and write tests for Instructions.
2012-02-12  Michael WelchWrite unit tests for Tape class. Finish XML docs for...
2012-02-11  Michael WelchFix formatting of BrainmessCore classes and incorporate...
2012-02-11  Michael WelchFix naming of BrainmessCore
2012-02-11  Michael WelchAdd unit test project
2012-02-11  Michael WelchRename solution and reograinize file structure
2012-02-11  Michael WelchRename and divide into two projects. One is core and...
2012-02-11  Michael WelchUpdate .gitignore
2012-02-11  Michael WelchCreate Interpreter class
2012-02-11  Michael WelchCreate Instruction class and update fetch/execute loop...
2012-02-11  Michael WelchRefactor out Tape fields and members BeforeInstructionClassIntroduced
2012-02-11  Michael WelchRefactor out the program fields and methods into a...
2012-02-11  Michael WelchUpdate .gitignore InitialOneFileImpl
2012-02-11  Michael WelchUpgraded to Visual Studio 2010
2012-02-10  Michael WelchWrite comment about the importance of thinking first...
2012-02-10  Michael WelchProve the JumpForward algorithm
2012-02-10  Michael WelchAdded "proof" of JumpBackward correctness. I think...
2012-01-28  Michael WelchAdd gitignore file
2012-01-28  Michael WelchAdd BrainMessSimple
2011-07-15  Michael WelchMerge branch 'brainmessHaskell' of
2011-07-15  Michael WelchAdd hello world program. Change ExecutionContext to...
2011-07-15  Michael WelchInitial files for brainmess in Haskell
2011-07-15  Michael WelchAdd hello world program. Change ExecutionContext to...
2011-07-15  Michael WelchFix jumpForward. Both the if branch and the else branch...
2011-06-27  Michael WelchInitial files for brainmess in Haskell
2011-06-26  Michael WelchAdd first version of brainmess