descriptionA collection of interpreters for the brainmess language. See README.
ownerMichael Welch
last changeSun, 18 Mar 2012 19:51:43 +0000 (14:51 -0500)
2012-03-18  Michael WelchConvert the displaying of output to MVVM master
2012-03-18  Michael WelchAdded knockout.js to my solution
2012-03-18  Michael WelchAdded rot13 script which was copied from Wikipedia.
2012-03-18  Michael WelchAdd support for input.
2012-03-18  Michael WelchChange title, misc cleanup
2012-03-18  Michael WelchReset text node of output before every run
2012-03-18  Michael WelchInitial very rough draft of javascript implementation...
2012-03-14  Michael WelchStart to write StringExtensions methods
2012-03-14  Michael WelchConvert FindMatch to an extension method. 'Hide' increm...
2012-03-14  Michael WelchExtract out FindMatch
2012-03-14  Michael WelchExtract jump methods
2012-03-14  Michael WelchConvert to .NET 4.0
2012-03-14  Michael WelchConvert sln and csproj to 2010
2012-03-14  Michael WelchWrite some more instruction tests for java impl
2012-03-14  Michael WelchUpdate Makefile to make tapetests. Add tape_load to...
2012-03-14  Michael WelchStart unit tests for csrc
5 years ago InitialOneFileImpl This is my initial one file impleme...
5 years ago BeforeInstructionClassIntroduced
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