2012-02-06  Michael WelchRemove temps on p26 - p29 RemoveTempsP26
2012-02-06  Michael WelchComplete p 22 and 23. Extract Frequent Renter Points ExtractFrequentRenterPointsP22
2012-02-06  Michael WelchReplace temp with query. This is on p 20 and 21 ReplaceTempWithQueryP20
2012-02-06  Michael WelchMove the calculation for the amount from Customer to... MoveAmountCalculation
2012-02-06  Michael WelchRename after first refactoring RenameAfterFirstRefactoring
2012-02-06  Michael WelchFirst refactoring bugs fixed. There were two bugs.... FirstRefactoringComplete
2012-02-06  Michael WelchFirst Refactoring, with bug
2012-02-06  Michael WelchCommit of initial program InitialProgram
2012-02-06  Michael WelchFirst checkin